Re-inventing the wheel – Re-write Bootstrap components in Blazor

Hello folks, I am working on a personal project that looks stupid for some, but with a great value for me and maybe for some others around the globe, I know that this project may looks duplicate for many other projects on GitHub for people trying to de the same thing but in my humble opinion these projects does not satisfy my needs at leads and that is the first motivation that make me do this Wheel-Reinventing of bootstrap.

most of the libraries that i have checked on the internet use special naming for their components, for example a div get called “paper” I as remember which does not make any sense. some libraries covers bootstrap generally in good way but lacks some essential functionalities like color template and themes.

Blazor C# Tutorials

Build Blazor components dynamically without .Razor file

As we all know when we need to build a new component in Blazor we create a new Blazor file using the default template which will create a new file with the extension of .razor. this file contains two main parts, one for the writing the HTML code and the other one is dedicated for the code part.

In deed we can create a Blazor component without creating a .razor file, only using a basic .cs file, in which there is no dedicated part for the HTML part (the razor syntax). so in this way we can create even the HTML part dynamically without directly writing it in normal HTML code.