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IPTV Checker Update version 2.5

After the success we had with the our tool, IPTV Checker I decided to work more on it, by fixing the bugs that have been reported by our visitors, and adding new features, so many thanks for the people who had posted the feedback, specially Freddy and Achraf.

What’s new in version 2.5

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • added an option to show/hide channels images/icons if it is available
  • Added new option to get server status for any Xtream panel url.
  • Added channel’s Image Column.
  • Added status bar in the bottom of the application to report what is going on.
  • Added an option to give you the ability to activate or dis-activate case sensitive search.
  • More readable channels count, ex: 60000 will be 60,000
  • Added an option to show/hide specific columns.


  • Net framework 4.5.2

By Mahmoud AL ABSI

IT developer, Physical therapist and a proud father of a great family

73 replies on “IPTV Checker Update version 2.5”

I like Your app and I want to say thank you!
But, I have a suggestion, if possible, to do a search and delete duplicate links to the video. It happens that the same link to the channel is in the list two or more times. But it is difficult to delete and search for it manually.

archive with 2.5 version is broken, could you check it and reupload if possible?

can you revised it as follow:
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”” tvg-id=”1″ tvg-name=”CCTV1″ group-title=”china”,CCTV-1.
if i check the programme with epg by iptc checker .i wll delete the epg.

Great Application, the best in this type of operation.
I think that for every checked list you can add a column that could show also the expire date of that list.

Great job, I will support you. Paypal?

Hello, Thanks for your nice compliment, I agree with you about that, and i thought about it before, But this will lessen the performance of the application that’s why I didn’t implemented it.

Hello good, I love your work, but I found a mistake there is an error, when I want to see get server channels in version 2.5 does not leave me with certain url instead with version 2.1 I have no problems


when you press get server channel, this load but out of nowhere a window appears that says “failed to get server channels…”and no results are output instead in version 2.1 loads all content

Hello I hope you have a good day, I read all the answers but I still have the doubt :/ ,as in version 2.1 if you can get the channels but in version 2.5 in advance appreciates your work with this splendid program. a greeting

Thanks Antonio for your constructive feedback, could you please send me a Url that works with version 2.1 and not working on 2.5? Like that i can confirm the bug, and correct it on new version. Best regards

This is the url link that works with version 2.1 but not with the 2.5 “”

a greeting and thank you for responding, you are very grateful
Pd: an apology for my English my original language is Spanish

Sorry for the late response, I will check it soon and verify everything, if a fix is needed i will do that on the next version, and regarding your English, me also i don’t speak English natively, but at least we can understand each other.
Thanks for your comment.

Hey Absi !
Excellent. Marhaba …

1. Can you include Save as either m3u8 or m3u firmat?
My ERD editor cannot seem to read=m3u8 !

2. What is max number of input channels?
Are you using a server or only using local PC VLC player?

3. How about doing an iptv editor as well? Include iptv checker in there as well !
A. Particularly with Youtube auto extract of URL, Name/description and logo?
B. With some auto replace string feature, e.g., convert Youtube/other URLs to STRM Kodi format and other custom formats, as edited by user?
C. A great feature will be auto extracting m3u/8 links from web pages, without having to go through IDM Internet Download Manager or Browser clicks, e.g., Chrome > More Tools > Dev Tools > Network > Window > m3u/8 copy and also check for chunklist extension inclusion, or not, e.g., http:s//xyx.m3u8 v. https://xyz.m3u8?chunk-abcdd

Error report:
A lot of VLC instances seem to start in the background.
These should be closed automatically when the channels are stopped.

when support https protocol such as the website:*******resource/live/english/cgtn-news.m3u8

Hello! Thank you for continuing the program versions. You can make the program save the file in the same folder from where it was downloaded, and not on the desktop (it constantly suggests there). Thank you.

السلام عليكم ,أخ محمود شكرا شكرا شكرا لك ساعدني جدا هذا البرنامج

Hello! The program stopped starting, it gives an error when opening a file m3u. What to do?

Regarding the previous question, I checked it on another computer – everything works. Something happened with windows-7. So the question can be closed.

hi please return app same as old one this one have lots issues if you make same as old one will better lots

مرحبا حبي
اتمنى اترجع البرنامج الاول التحديث يدمر الواحد بيفتح الروابط بس تكبس على القناة وما يفحص القناة وبس ايكون الملف الفيديو MKV بيطلعه وكانه لايعمل وفي قنوات هي شغاله بيعطيها مو شغاله فلو اترجع التحديث القديم بيكون كثير احسن تحياتي الك ولو في تواصل عندك ماسنجر او واتساب بيكون افضل شكرا لجهودك

Hello! I sent documents to the cloud via your link. I hope we understand each other.

Hello! Version 2.5 works fine and on WIN7 32bit with NET4.8, and then after a while an error appears when opening the file. Version 2.1 continues to work after this error, which first appeared on WIN7 64bit.

Hello, I don’t know what exactly is the problem, the two versions has the same runtime framework, version 2.5 is exactly the same as version 2.1 but with more options, don’t know why it doesn’t work on your PC.

The ability to call the application with a commandline would be great (specify an input filename list and an output filename) – I can then automate the M3U cleanup process on my media server. Much appreciate what you have done.

thank you very much for this exellent application .
my only problem when scanning with my real ip is that getting the timeout message.
is there any way to improve your apk with an ability to import multiple proxies in order to bypass ip-bans when testing multiple playlist from the same server.
pleas email me if you have any solution
you are the greatest

I want to thank and congratulate you for the beautiful work. Is it possible to edit the channel name but it would be possible to release to edit the m3u8 link? it would be very useful, and also add self exclusion of repeated links? Thank you very much in advance!

The program is very good, easily to use.
I just have a problem seeing the “status” of some links.
It gives error.
Just doing this method below. That works.

Hi there. I think it would be great if you could let people add a text description of their favourite IPTV channels so if the imported list shows channels with matching names (such as TCM for instance) then people can save a list of active streams from their favourite channels.
Regards, Gemma

First Thanks for this very useful piece of software.

There is only one thing I really mis, it is the ability to “RE-check”” the channel again without the need to reload again the m3U list.

It could be a new button or just allowing to press the “Check” button more than one time with the same list.

Also for more convenience you could add an option in the contextual menu to recheck a single channel.

Sometime I have a group of channel that is not working and I call my provider to fix it but every time I have to reload the list to check if the issue is resolved..

Best Regards !

Hello! The program starts, but when I click on the “open M3u8” button it closes. The rest of the buttons perform their function. Win10 x64 PC. When I try to install .Net framework 4.5.2 it fails to install, giving an error that a newer version of the .Net framework is already installed. What to do?

Hi dear Mahmoud, great application, congrats!!!, but you must insert in your next version the app must show name of playlist m3u witch you have loaded. if i open 2 or some session of this software, i do not see what name list is on scanning in each windows…. i hope i am clear with my scenario. thanks and regards!

This program is very good, thanks to it I can know which channels are working in an IPTV list, please don’t abandon this program, keep updating and improving it.

I like this program very much. But with Windows 11, if you click OPEN m3u8 – the program just exits. Could you update?

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