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Code Bank – Free application

As a coder when I face a problem the first thing that i do I use the coder’s best friend Stackoverflow to search for a solution for the my problem, and that’s a good thing, the problem that emerges that we can’t remember everything, once we fix the problem most of the time we forget what we have did to fix it and which thread on stackoverflow helped us to solve it, so when we have the same problem in another project we will repeat the same process we did the first time.

personally when i solve a problem i keep a reference of the solution in a separate txt file so i can check it again when i have the same problem again, but with time files will accumulate, and we will be facing the same problem of looking for the right file that have the solution.

So, I have decided to write a small application where I can save all the important codes and quick fixes I need.

I have developed the application in C# WPF core, I have chooses this framework to get my more familiar with it, and to have the ability to benifit from then new capability of Core framework “PublishSingleFile” which make the developers able to compile the application and its dll into a single file, and even a self-contained application! which is pretty awesome.

for the database I have chosen Sqlite as it self contained, and don’t need anything to be installed on the client PC.