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Did you get tired checking all these IPTV link if they still work or dead? I have been in this situation in a daily manner, so I have decided to automate that process, I have developed an Application that can check a list of m3u8 playlist of IPTV channels and verify each channels if it is up or down,


  • Import urls from m3u8, m3u and txt files
  • Import urls directly from clipboard
  • Custom UserAgent while checking the channels
  • Specifiy how many times a channel can be checked before it considered as offline
  • Specify the time-out of each channel check
  • Specifiy the number of threads for more robust processing
  • Specify the User-Agent that will be used when checking the channels
  • Ability to directly open any channel using VLC by double clicking the channel name
  • Ability to show channels according to their status: Online/Offline/No Checked
  • Ability to re-arrange files before saving to any file.
  • and many more..


  • Windows 7 and above
  • .Net Framework 4.5.2


By Mahmoud AL ABSI

IT developer, Physical therapist and a proud father of a great family

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شكرا صديقي على المجهود
بس لو ممكن تجعل البرنامج يظهر لنا تاريخ انتهاء السرفر

iptv checker cesse de fonctionner windows peut rechercher une solution??????
windows 7 32 bits

hello please let version 1.09 use this version
It presents some errors that I commented on the other page and they are not yet corrected 🙁

I will re-enable the version 1.09, but could you elaborate more what the errors that you have encountered? Currently I am working on a new version that will have some new features, but I really need to know the bugs that the courrent version has in order to correct them in the next version.

Where can I send you the errors that I have seen in the new version to repair them when you launch the new one

I am using the google translator to see if they understand me correctly?

When you review a list it shows you which are active and which are not, the error I have noticed is that when you try to check the list again it does not allow you to do it again.

Thanks for your comment, and yes I can understand you, But, it is not a bug, when the application finishes/stopped by the user, if you run the checking again, it will only check the unchecked urls, which is a good thing in my opinion, why you need to check again the checked urls? I don’t know if you know, there is an option in the settings where you can specify how many times you need to check a url before considering it as Offline, the default value is 5.

# 2
sometimes when you try to find a channel it doesn’t appear,

because it is not case sensitive.

Great program. I’ve used it on Windows.
Have you considered creating a version for Linux?
I’ve been using Linux on and off and it would be great to have this on Linux.
Either way, thanks for this great program.

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