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IPTV Checker

Did you get tired checking all these IPTV link if they still work or dead? I have been in this situation in a daily manner, so I have decided to automate that process, I have developed an Application that can check a list of m3u8 playlist of IPTV channels and verify each channels if it is up or down,


  • Import urls from m3u8, m3u and txt files
  • Import urls directly from clipboard
  • Custom UserAgent while checking the channels
  • Specifiy how many times a channel can be checked before it considered as offline
  • Specify the time-out of each channel check
  • Specifiy the number of threads for more robust processing
  • Specify the User-Agent that will be used when checking the channels
  • Ability to directly open any channel using VLC by double clicking the channel name
  • Ability to show channels according to their status: Online/Offline/No Checked
  • Ability to re-arrange files before saving to any file.
  • and many more..