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Re-inventing the wheel – Re-write Bootstrap components in Blazor

Hello folks, I am working on a personal project that looks stupid for some, but with a great value for me and maybe for some others around the globe, I know that this project may looks duplicate for many other projects on GitHub for people trying to de the same thing but in my humble opinion these projects does not satisfy my needs at leads and that is the first motivation that make me do this Wheel-Reinventing of bootstrap.

most of the libraries that i have checked on the internet use special naming for their components, for example a div get called “paper” I as remember which does not make any sense. some libraries covers bootstrap generally in good way but lacks some essential functionalities like color template and themes.

Blazor C# Tutorials

Build Blazor components dynamically without .Razor file

As we all know when we need to build a new component in Blazor we create a new Blazor file using the default template which will create a new file with the extension of .razor. this file contains two main parts, one for the writing the HTML code and the other one is dedicated for the code part.

In deed we can create a Blazor component without creating a .razor file, only using a basic .cs file, in which there is no dedicated part for the HTML part (the razor syntax). so in this way we can create even the HTML part dynamically without directly writing it in normal HTML code.

C# Tutorials

Get a service using its name in AspCore

We all know that we can get services by injecting them directly in the constructor of the class and consume them as we want.

but imagine that you are developing an a generic component in which this component receive the name of service that will be used to get some data for this component, so how we can have an instance for that service as we don’t know its type and we only have its name?

By default, .Net allow us to get instances for registered services using the constructor or by using IServiceProvider GetService() and GetRequiredService() methods, but in order to use these methods we have to know the type of the service which it is not the case here!

C# Tutorials

Automatically register services in Asp Core

As application business logic get more and more complex we as developers need to develop more and more services and repositories in order to use them to implement the business logic model. and of course we need to register these repositories and services in our app Dependency injection container in order to inject them anywhere in our application.

The Ordinary way for registering repositories and services, is by using the program.cs class and add these services one by one, which is in fact is not a good idea, and not even practical, as this class will contain more and more repeated registering of different classes, and the class will get more noisy by time.

The idea I’m trying to clarify here, is how about if we can register all our application services/repositories with only one line like:


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IPTV Checker Update version 2.5

After the success we had with the our tool, IPTV Checker I decided to work more on it, by fixing the bugs that have been reported by our visitors, and adding new features, so many thanks for the people who had posted the feedback, specially Freddy and Achraf.

What’s new in version 2.5

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • added an option to show/hide channels images/icons if it is available
  • Added new option to get server status for any Xtream panel url.
  • Added channel’s Image Column.
  • Added status bar in the bottom of the application to report what is going on.
  • Added an option to give you the ability to activate or dis-activate case sensitive search.
  • More readable channels count, ex: 60000 will be 60,000
  • Added an option to show/hide specific columns.
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Code Bank – Free application

As a coder when I face a problem the first thing that i do I use the coder’s best friend Stackoverflow to search for a solution for the my problem, and that’s a good thing, the problem that emerges that we can’t remember everything, once we fix the problem most of the time we forget what we have did to fix it and which thread on stackoverflow helped us to solve it, so when we have the same problem in another project we will repeat the same process we did the first time.

personally when i solve a problem i keep a reference of the solution in a separate txt file so i can check it again when i have the same problem again, but with time files will accumulate, and we will be facing the same problem of looking for the right file that have the solution.

So, I have decided to write a small application where I can save all the important codes and quick fixes I need.

I have developed the application in C# WPF core, I have chooses this framework to get my more familiar with it, and to have the ability to benifit from then new capability of Core framework “PublishSingleFile” which make the developers able to compile the application and its dll into a single file, and even a self-contained application! which is pretty awesome.

for the database I have chosen Sqlite as it self contained, and don’t need anything to be installed on the client PC.

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IPTV Checker

Did you get tired checking all these IPTV link if they still work or dead? I have been in this situation in a daily manner, so I have decided to automate that process, I have developed an Application that can check a list of m3u8 playlist of IPTV channels and verify each channels if it is up or down,


  • Import urls from m3u8, m3u and txt files
  • Import urls directly from clipboard
  • Custom UserAgent while checking the channels
  • Specifiy how many times a channel can be checked before it considered as offline
  • Specify the time-out of each channel check
  • Specifiy the number of threads for more robust processing
  • Specify the User-Agent that will be used when checking the channels
  • Ability to directly open any channel using VLC by double clicking the channel name
  • Ability to show channels according to their status: Online/Offline/No Checked
  • Ability to re-arrange files before saving to any file.
  • and many more..